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Portfolio One

Food. Not only is it for nutrition, but it brings a sense of wonder, curiosity, and of course satisfaction. But man cannot live on bread alone. Photographing food brings all of these senses to me when it's in front of the camera. Each one has it's own shape, texture and colour. Which also creates it's own individual challenges.

My approach is to photograph each subject according to it's strengths and properties in order to bring out it's best qualities. This can be done through a strong image of itself or placing it in an environment that brings out it's best to the viewer. Be it fruits, vegetables, meat or dairy, whatever the case may be, I look to bring out the best of your product through my skills to get you closer to goal.


Portfolio Two

Ah, the drama of sports. I love it!! If you can take a moment out of a hockey game or a baseball game or even a tae-kwon-do competition and slow it down or freeze it, what would that moment say about that event or the athlete? It would define what that person is capable of. It would put on display the warrior that is inside thats driving that athlete to victory. That's what I like about the drama of sports.

Neil Leifer's famous photograph of Muhammad Ali standing over a knocked out Sonny Liston says it all. That's drama in a moment! That's what I like to pull out of the warrior when they are in front of the camera. Drama, emotion, victory.

If that's what it takes to get them to their next level of achievement then we both win.

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Portfolio Three

One cannot help but to feel music. Not just hear it. There is a lot of soul and emotion put into music and that's what I like to capture as it happens. Give it to me from your soul. Not just from your hands. It's a head, hands and most importantly your heart's expression of whats inside. Much like anything that one feels extremely passionate about.

I've always been a music lover. My favourite memories are listening to my KISS albums on a Winnie the Pooh record player as a kid. Quite the contrast, eh? Also going after school with my high school buddies to checkout the latest hair metal magazines of the late 80's and early 90's. Or making sure we stayed up on Friday nights to watch Good Rockin' Tonite for the latest music videos and then offering up our reviews on Monday morning to each other at school.

So if I can contribute to helping that one band or solo artist make it to the top or be there during that concert of a lifetime to record that night that people will be talking about for years, I'm all in.